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1. Overview
2. Apache SOAP
3. SOAP::Lite
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Client-Side SOAP
1. Overview

Client-Side SOAP is a multi-part tutorial with the aim of introducing you to some of the technologies available for writing clients that consume web services using SOAP.

For the service consumer there are many SOAP packages available covering many platforms and languages but we will not explain all of them here on this site. We will explore some of those that we at see as being useful. The logic behind our choices comes down to an attempt to cover as many application types as possible within the arena of what makes sense as a distributed application. We have also limited ourselves to Win32 and Unix platforms. Here is our list of application types and platform/language choice and a SOAP package that we believe will plug in well for you in each case:

App Type Platform Language SOAP Package
Stand-Alone Client Applications Win32 & Unix Java Apache SOAP for Java
C++ Systinet WASP for C++
Win32 Visual Basic
& Excel Macros
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit
JSPs, Servlets or Applet-based Web Pages Win32 & Unix Java Apache SOAP for Java
Perl/CGI Web Pages Win32 & Unix Perl SOAP::Lite for Perl
ASP Web Pages Win32 ASP Script Microsoft SOAP Toolkit
Daemons Win32 & Unix C++ Systinet WASP for C++
Win32 & Unix Perl SOAP::Lite for Perl

We will go through each of the packages in the table in turn, showing how to use them to write SOAP clients that exploit the Quotation Service as developed in the Section 4 of Server-Side SOAP. Note that this is the same service that is implemented and available online in the Demo Section so even if you have not implemented the Quotation Service on your own servers you will be able to test the SOAP clients built in this tutorial against our servers.

Disclaimer: Before continuing, please understand that while working through this tutorial you will be instructed to download and install software on your machine. Not only has almost all of this software been developed by third parties but the peculiarities of your machine are entirely unknown to us. As such there is no way for us at to foresee all of the effects that the installation of this software might have on your system. While we have made every effort to test this tutorial and avoid instructing you to download anything that might be in any way hazardous, nonetheless, we will not be held responsable for any damage. You can check the software and operating system versions we have used in our tests on the Version Details page.

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